Reaching an immigration Consultant

The process of immigration calls for a meticulous planning and prompt following. Many people who tend to immigrate look for a consultant to receive timely guidance and correct information. In spite of all the information available on the websites, it becomes important to get support from a consultant.

These consultants should always be recognized by the Canadian Government. These consultants who are either lawyers or paralegals have to follow terms and conditions given by the government. Without getting an authorization from the government they can never charge any fee for providing guidance on immigration.

Choosing the right person for consultation is equally important to verifying the credentials of a consultant. Sometimes, even the fraud and unauthorized consultants also have an attractive website with perfect logo to attract the applicants. They mostly ask people to submit money by cash or by transferring the same. Hence one has to be careful before transferring any money to any of the given accounts. In fact, applications are never submitted by these consultants and even if they are, they have every chance of getting rejected by the Department.

The best way to choose and reach a correct consultant is by verifying with any of your friends and relatives. People who have already processed their immigration applications will help you reach the right person.

The other way to reach the authorized consultants is through the Directory issued by Canadian Society. This directory enlists all the registered consultants and is available online.

Always make it a point to confirm the registration number of the consultant and other details of his training or experience before processing the job. Never hesitate to ask as many relevant questions as you want. Any consultant who is not very keen ti answer should be avoided.

After you have verified all the details with consultant himself, the next step would be to verify his registration with the concerned department. You can provide them with the registration number of the consultant and cross check his existence in the Authorized list of consultants.

The third step would be to get into a legal agreement given by the consultant. Again, do not sign any papers without understanding each and every word of the same. If need be take a copy of the terms and conditions and get it verified by another lawyer. Once you sign the papers you are to comply to all the points mentioned in the paper.

Make it a point to maintain all possible communication in a documented manner. Never entertain any verbal communication. In case of any kind of trouble in future the retained copies of communications made will help you to take legal actions against the fraudulent consultant.