Re-introduction of Scotland post-study work visa for Indians

And this is going to be a wonderful news for many Indian students wanting to study and work in Scotland following their study completion.

Scotland post-study work visa re-introduction?—Scotland post-study work visa might be reintroduced in the coming times for Indians wantng to work after studying in the nation.

As per the details available, it has been announced that Scotland will be reintroducing its post-study work visa system once again for Indians with the condition being that it gets independent from UK in September when referendum is scheduled.

Scotland may reintroduce its post-study work visa for Indians if it gains indepedence from the UK in September this year.

As of now, Indians have no option but to leave Scotland after they finish their study in Scotland. That’s because foreign students, including Indians, are not allowed to work in Scotland while being on Scotland student visas and there is no provision of any Scotland post-study work visa right now.

So, all international students don’t have any choice for post-study work in Scotland.

How will it benefit Indian students?—Well, Scotland’s planned post-study work visa will enable Indians to live and work in Scotland for not less than two years once they complete their education in Scotland.

This has been revealed by Humza Yousaf, Scotland’s minister for external affairs and international development. It needs to be noted here that the UK has already eliminated its post-study work visa program for foreign students.

And this has a direct impact on the number of foreigners coming to Scotland for pursuing studies here. International students, especially those from India, have been shying to come to Scotland for studying here.

This becomes quite clear from the fact that the number of Indians coming to Scotland has gone down by 51 percent in the recent times. Its been almost two years since the UK eliminated its post-study work visa scheme enabling foreign students to get jobs once they finish their study courses successfully.

And this has acted as a dampener on the Indians wanting to work following studies in Scotland.

Around 2000 Indians are said to be studying across Scotland currently. No wonder, if Scotland’s post-study work visa program gets reintroduced, it will be a good news for Indians wanting to study in Scotland.