Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is a part of the Federal Skilled Worker Program by Canada government to allow immigrants to come and work in Quebec. However, many have not heard about this program.

Moreover, many potential immigrant workers think its difficult to immigrate to Canada under Quebec Skilled Worker Program. But, that is not true at all.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is somewhat different from Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program, no doubt. But that does not make it a difficult process, says David Cohen, an Attorney.

In fact, Quebec Skilled Worker Program allows an easier pathway for aspiring immigrant workers to come to Quebec since Federal Skilled Worker Program is now accepting only a limited number of applications.

Hence, applying under Quebec Skilled Worker Program is a good means for getting Canada permanent residency.

Eligibility criteria for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

• University degree not a pre-requisite—Under Quebec Skilled Worker Program, having a University Degree is not a pre-requisite since the program gives points to those having college or university degree as well as vocational diploma or any technical diploma.

So, the point worth consideration here is that points are awarded not just for education but even for training. The only thing is that the skill or the occupation for which training or degree has been earned must be in demand in this Canadian province.

• Get points for having spouse and children—Quebec Skilled Worker Program given points to the applicant for having a spouse and children aged below 22 years.

• No need of a job offer or work experience—In order to qualify for Quebec Skilled Worker Program, you don’t need to have either prior work experience or a job offer from any Canadian employer. If you are a professor, accountant, IT or computer specialist, teacher, butcher, plumber or a welder, Quebec needs you.

• French proficiency not needed—If you possess low French proficiency, you can still qualify under Quebec Skilled Worker Program since selection is based on ten factors including language proficiency, qualification and work experience. Minimum points needed under this program are 55 while those with a spouse need to score 63 points.

• Get Canadian PR—If approved under this program, you will be granted Canadian permanent residency thus making you a Canadian permanent resident.

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