Quebec Immigration Cap Reached

As a result, no more applications for Quebec Skilled Worker Program will be accepted until the month of April next year.

Quebec immigration closed until April 2015—The annual cap for Quebec Skilled Worker Program has been reached. And its being announced that the immigration stream is now closed for any further applications. New applications for Quebec Skilled Worker Program will not be accepted until April 2015.

Quebec immigration stream is now closed for any new applications as the annual quota for Quebec Skilled Worker Program has been reached. New applications will be accepted from April 2015.

The annual cap for QSWP(Quebec Skilled Worker Program) was reached within a short span of five months. And if you want to apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Program as a skilled foreign worker, then you will have to wait and watch whether the governmetn extends this immigration stream in April 2015 or not.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program—Quebec Skilled Worker Program(QSWP) happens to a popular immigration program and gets a large number of applications each year. It may be worth mentioned in this regard that Quebec announced extending its skilled worker scheme along with acceptance of 65,000 applications until 31st March, 2015.

Meanwhile, another point worth notable is that the Quebec government also reduced the annual applications quota to 10,000.

Points-based System of QSWP--Quebec skilled worker program is an alternate immigration program of FSWP(Federal Skilled Worker Program). However, the good thing is that QSWP is a favored option since it has simpler and easier eligibilty rules for foreigners wanting to come and work in Quebec.

Its point-based system offers points on the basis of language proficiency, education qualifications among others. An applicant for QSWP needs to have qualifications in any of the 114 professions on the list of Areas of Training.

The list has 146 occupations with greater focus on engineering and nursing.

Between 6-16 points are awarded for area of training. While maximum points for language are 22, a maximum of 6 points are given for English and a maximum of 16 points can be awarded for proficiency in French.

Its being stated that Express Entry system may be adopted by Quebec for selection of applicants under QSWP.

Under Express Entry system, the Canadian provinces and the Canada government is allowed to select applicans whose names are on the list(applicants expressing their interest by adding their respective name on the list).