Quebec to allure increased number of skilled Chinese migrants

The high skilled Chinese migrants will be targeted by the Quebec under the Canada immigration program.

Quebec is planning to attract Chinese following an aging working population and a comparatively low birth rate in the province resulting in a shortage in the number of required skilled workers.

The Quebec immigration is becoming quite popular among Chinese, states a Quebec immigration official, Chen Xyeyan, although, the number of Chinese immigrating to Quebec is not much yet.

According to official figures, a total of 200 Chinese migrants apply for immigration to Quebec to live and work there under the Canada skilled immigration program. Nonetheless, the figure is almost double than that of last year and around five times the figure in the year 2008.

And the annual immigration intake of Quebec has increased by 50 percent from 32,500 way back in the year 2000 to around 49,500 in the year 2009.

Chen has been traveling across the country and asking the Chinese to avail the opportunity of moving to Quebec to begin a new life there.

She has been explaining the skilled immigration program of Quebec to the potential Quebec immigrants from China.

Under the Quebec skilled immigration program, points are given to the migrants on the basis of factors like age, education level, work experience and language skills. The aim of this program is to provide Quebec with a steady number of young, highly educated and highly skilled Chinese migrants.

Chinese have been quite eager to sharpen their French language skills in a bid to qualify for moving to Quebec under the Canada skilled immigration program.

And the recent partnership between Quebec and Alliance Francaise, the center for learning French language and culture, is aimed to attract increased number of Chinese to Quebec.

The process of Chinese immigration to Quebec involves around one year or so, states Chen. The Chinese need to get sufficient points in order to become eligible for gaining a Quebec Selection Certificate. And once they are awarded such certificate, their applications are forwarded to Canadian immigration officials who grant Canada visa to such applicants after the health and security clearance.