Provinces like Nova Scotia offer good facilities to Immigrants while others lag behind

Canada has ten provinces and three territories. All these provinces do not have the same set of facilities to offer to the immigrants. Some of them favor immigrants who want to invest in the Province, however some favor labor class immigrants depending upon the requirement and functioning of a given province.

Saskatchewan is supposed to be “business friendly province” and all its cities have quite well established businesses. Hence this province favors managers and entrepreneurs who can strengthen the growth of the province.

On the other hand provinces like Manitoba and Alberta where construction industry is the major happening look forward to the arrival of labors, both skilled and unskilled. In the form of these immigrants they get “low cost labor” for their jobs to get done.

All the provinces do not offer the same set of facilities to the immigrants. They are found to be lacking in offering the basic facilities like “health care, basic living facility and even education facility to the children.”
Among all the favorable provinces, Nova Scotia is one which is seen to be offering a lot to the immigrants.

Immediately after immigrants arrive here, they get “quality employment and settlement planning support”. The other free services include guidance on working, living and settling in Nova Scotia.

YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs extends support to the immigrants in living in the new homes, adjusting to the culture and community of the new country. There are Agencies to teach English and French so that Immigrants not affluent in these two languages can learn at least one of them.

There are non-profit organizations who offer telephonic interpreting services to the immigrants as and when they need it.

Immediately after an immigrant arrives he can apply for a health insurance card so that he can enjoy the medical care benefits as and when needed. Someone having health insurance need not pay the medial bills directly; the bill is taken care of by the taxes which are paid.

Nova Scotia is one province which has beautiful climate, stunning ambiance and a congenial atmosphere which can accommodate every person whether he is a native or an immigrant. Hence this Province has better facilities and adoption for the immigrants.

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