Proposed UK visa rules will affect foreign student enrolment at LSE

This has been revealed by the findings of a recent survey undertaken by the LSE.

The survey included foreign students hailing from non-EU nations and outside the UK.

It has been found that the higher education sector of the nation cannot tolerate another blow following proposed changes in the UK visa rules.

And if the UK does not take immediate steps to stop such rules from coming into effect, then it’s quite likely to lose many of its potential foreign students to other nations including the US.

The survey of foreign students at the LSE reiterated that the UK PSW (Post Study Work) visa was a major contributing factor attracting foreign students to choose the UK from a host of other nations for studying abroad.

As per the plans, the PSW visa of the UK, which is regarded to be one of the major attractions for the international students, is going to be abolished by the nation.

Under this program, foreign students are allowed to study in the UK universities and undertake employment for a maximum period of two years.

No wonder, if the PSW visa is denied to the graduates from tertiary educational institutes of the UK, it would spell a big disaster for the UK universities making them less competitive globally.

And if the UK PSW visa is denied to foreign students, then such students still wanting to come to the UK will have only two choices of UK visas before them, namely, UK Tier 2 visa and visa through employee sponsorship.

But, the sad thing is that both these UK visas are subject to the UK visa cap.

Moreover, the international students will be compelled to explore other options of studying overseas by choosing Canada, or the US since these nations do have flexible rules for immigration of foreign students. And this will result in a big loss to the UK universities and the UK economy.