Proposed easier UK visa rules for Asian visitors

Yes, this has been relealed by the UK recently.

Simplified UK visa rules for Asians—The UK government is chalking out plans to have simpler UK visa rules for Asians wanting to visit the nation. This has been revealed by the UK recently.

The UK intends to have easier UK visa rules for Asians wanting to visit the UK.

For this, a number of different schemes are being planned by the UK for having an easier UK visa process. The information reveals that currently, such schemes are being tested on a trial basis in China.

As per the details, other Southeast Asian nations likely to get benefit from the simpler UK visa rules will be Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand among others.

Already, the UK has extended UK priority visa service’s scope allowing foreigners to pay a small additional amount as fee for getting a UK priority visa.

UK visitor visa—An increasingly large number of foreigners visit the UK each year. No wonder, it is one of the popular destinations for foreign visitors. Around 30 million foreigners visit the UK each year for tourism purpose.

And they need UK visitor visa or UK tourist visa for doing so. A UK visitor visa is meant for foreigners wishing to visit the UK for the purpose of leisure(like holidaying abroad).You can make an application for a UK visitor visa.

When should one apply for a UK visitor visa?—Well, an individual can make an application for a UK visitor visa around 3 months prior to the date of travel to this nation. And the decision on your UK visa is likely to be given within 3 weeks period.

For how long can one stay in the UK on a UK visitor visa?—A UK General Visitor Visa allows a foreigners to stay for a period of up to six months in the UK. However, for those intending to stay longer in the UK, the UK Long-term visit visa comes in as a handy tool.

However, you must prove that you will be required to make repeat visits to the UK over a longer period of time. If you get at UK long-term visit visa, you can live in the UK for not more than six month on your each visit to the UK. Also, your visa duration can be for 1, 2, 5 or 10 years period.