Proposed changes in the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Government had established federal skilled worker program in 2002 to meet the demands of Canada’s labor market. According to this system every candidate is measured on a grid of 100 points. Various aptitudes like official language proficiency, education, experience, age, arranged job and adaptability of a candidate is measured through this grid.

After conducting a research about the viability of the system, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has proposed to revise the existing system. The points present in the system would remain as before and there would be an addition to him the same.

The points to be added are
Language Proficiency would be the most important selection criteria for selecting the skilled workers. Every candidate has to score well in the test of minimum official language proficiency which would be English or French. A maximum of 16 points would be awarded to applicant’s proficient with the language. This is given so much of importance as proficient people get a better job and can adjust here in no time.

Younger immigrants would be preferred to the older ones as they will stay here for a longer period of time and contribute more to the productivity of the nation. People between the ages of 20 to 30 would be preferred the most. Applicants will be awarded a maximum of 10 points till the age of 49.
Points will increase if an applicant has more of Canadian work experience and less of foreign work experience.

The employment process is likely to get simpler than before. If an applicant has arranged employment he will be getting a maximum of 15 points on the grid for the same.
Points will be awarded if the spouse if proficient in the official languages and bears Canadian work experience.

The education of the applicant received abroad has to be assessed against the standards of Canada. This work is to be carried on by designated organizations. It would be significant to hold a degree and an experience both rather than only holding a degree for more than required years. Applicants with more work experience would be preferred over those with no experience.

Federal skilled Worker program has a major to play in Canadian economy hence the addition or revision is required for the applicants and the nation too. The revision will make things better and healthier for the applicants.