Proposal to limit Australian immigration opposed by businesses

Expressing deep concern and anxiety over such remarks by the opposition, various businesses fear it could blow a serious threat on the productivity of the country. Business community of Australia is not happy with the comments of the Coalition regarding Australian immigration because temporary immigrants are indispensable for the Australian economy.

Recently, Australia’s Coalition Immigration spokesperson had stated that there is a compelling need to cut down Australian immigration levels since with nearly 300,000 people moving into Australia every year, immigration in Australia was becoming out of control.

In response to the above remark reported in a leading Australian publication, president of Business Council of Australia, Graham Bradley stated that any such attempts by the Australian government to restrict Australian immigration would be resisted wholeheartedly by various leading businesses in the country.

Strongly reacting to Morrison’s comments, Heather Ridout, Australian Industry Group chief executive said that the plan would be opposed by the businesses since it is absolutely ridiculous. Expressing her happiness at the commitment of the opposition towards skilled immigration in Australia, Ms. Ridout urged for a sustained program to save Australia from facing imminent shortage of skilled labor in the coming times.

Ms. Ridout said that any steps by the opposition to cut Australian immigration levels would affect the Australian economy very badly because shortage of skilled immigrants in Australia would put burden on the Australian economy and result in higher taxes on the people of Australia. 

At present, states like Western Australia face high demand for skilled immigrants. It is only by allowing foreign skilled workers into the state that we can utilize the abundant natural resources in the country to the fullest, asserted Mr. Bradley.

Mr. Bradley reiterated the fact that the Business Council of Australia has always agreed for a planned growth of population including immigration levels in Australia.