Process for US F1 Visa

If yes, then we will provide here all the relevant details with regard to the US F1 visa process for your information. So, lets begin—

US F1 visa—US F1 student visa happens to be an US visa for international students wanting to come to the US and study here. F1 student visa is for foreign students wanting to study at any approved school including any US accredited university or a US college, approved program of English language or any private secondary school.

The US F1 visa is a popular US visa for international students planning to study in the US and get a US degree.

If your study course is of greater than 18 hours weekly, then you need a US F1 visa. No wonder, the US F1 visa is a popular US visa for international students wanting to study in the US.

You need to note that you will require a US M1 visa if your plans are to study or get training in any non-academic/vocational study in any US institute.

Apply at the earliest—The most important to be kept in mind with regard to the US F1 visas is that you must make an application at the earliest for such US visas since they are in high demand and get the required number of places filled up quite earlier. So, avoid getting disappointed by making an application as early as you can.

As per the information, one can make an application for a US F1 visa appointment nearly 120 days before the starting date as mentioned in the I-20 form(given by the university). Make an application immediately after getting your I-20.

Arriving for your US F1 visa interview—Make sure that you provide all the relevant information to the concerned US visa official clearly concerning your study plans in the US. This includes the course of study you wish to pursue and the institute you want to study in the US.

Such information could also include academic details and your goals regarding your career. Be genuine in answering your queries in straight words. Educational documents required—

• Original degree certificates accompanied by detailed marks sheet.

• High school diploma/original Bachelor degree along with mark sheets.

• Test scores like TOEFL/GMAT/LSAT(if needed).

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