Process of making Application for Labor Market Opinion

Employers in the country willing to hire International workers should apply for a “Labor Market Opinion” first.

Requirements to be met by the Employer

• An employer must prove that there were enough efforts made to hire a native of Canada for a given vacancy and instead of sincere efforts the vacancies could not be filled. Now, therefore the need of hiring an international or a foreign employee has arisen and hence the employer applies for LMO.
• The offerings coming from you as wages are in accordance with the rate paid to the Canadian natives for the same job.
• Sound working conditions are provided to the foreign workers being hired by the employer.
• The vacancies are in accordance with the current labor market demands and the standards meet those of the current labor market standards.
• The foreign worker coming to the country should be skilled and hold adequate knowledge about the kind of job he will be getting involved with.

Process of getting approval for hiring temporary Foreign Workers

• The first and foremost step is to fill up a form which is meant for hiring foreign workers.
• You have the provision of partly filling the form and leaving the part blank which asks for the details of foreign worker to be hired.
• Service Canada Center accepts the filled in forms and starts processing your application.
• After your application gets pre-approved intimation will be sent to you in the form of a notice.
• Here from you can start the process of looking for foreign workers.
• Once you have selected them at your level, you can fill in the necessary information about the foreign worker and for every recruitment LMO will be issued by Service Canada

Caution to be maintained

Once the application is refused by Service Canada, you cannot proceed ahead with the hiring process of foreign workers. The process can start only if you submit new set of information to Service Canada for getting another approval afresh.
Hence, an employer willing to hire foreign workers should always apply at the nearest Service Canada office for LMO as this is the basis step toward hiring foreign workers based on the vacancies created in an industry.