Problems with Canada Foreign Worker Program

As per the detailed information, the program is suffering from inherest racism. What ails Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program—Canada’s temporary foreign worker program is flawed. And the fact is that there is inherent racism in the temporary foreign worker program.

Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program is really broken and is suffering from faults.

As per a recent report by a public policy think tank(CD Howe Institute), this Canada foreign worker program is broken.

Abused by employers?--The program was being abused by several employers. Employers wanting to get required workers, somehow, failed to follow the rules and regulations of the program.

It has been come to the notice of Canada government that the employers did not make sufficient efforts to find suitable Canada workers having required skill sets/education/work experience needed to fill vacant Canada job positions.

And they simply cited that they could not find Canadian workers with the needed skills for vacant jobs. Rather, they hurried on to hire temporary foreign workers.

At least,that’s what several restaurants in Canada did. They misused the Canada foreign worker program.

Why? Because its quite easy for employers to claim they due to insufficient Canada workers for the jobs, they were compelled to opt for selection of workers from the temporary foreign workers’ pool.

Foreign workers vulnerability—The loopholes in Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program exposes the vulnerability of temporary foreign workers in Canada. Such foreign workers happen to be at the mercy of their employers since they are newcomers in Canada and don’t have any ties in the nation.

Foreign workers under Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program have to live and work under poor conditions and such conditions are different from those faced by Canadian citizens.

They are not entitled to exercise even the very basic labor rights and cannot claim basic due entitlements from their employers in Canada. Their predicament is but to maintain a relationship with their concerned employer during their stay in Canada.

If they dare to oppose their employr, they fear deportation and getting exit from Canada. And it could be bad not just for the concerned temporary foreign workers but also for their families. So, they don’t seem to have any hope of a future.

In such a scenario, they are quite open to abuse by their employers under Canada Foreign Worker Program.

The need of the hour is that Canadian government not just recognises the hidden flaws in Temporary foreign worker program(not by closing doors to foreign workers) but to ensure helpful working conditions for temporary foreign workers.

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