Priority Assessment Program includes new occupations, list gets longer

Very recently, an announcement was made jointly by Immigration Minister and Employment Minister about including 10 new occupations to the list of “Priority Assessment Program”.

These occupations have been selected from skilled trades and healthcare sectors.

The new occupations included
From the field of skilled trades: Geoscientists, technicians, electricians, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, welders and lawyers.

From the field of healthcare: midwives, psychologists, audiologists and speech language pathologists.

Aim of including more occupations:
There have been suggestion and requests from immigrants that while they wait for their application to get processed and approved at various levels, they an always start with a job requiring low skills.

The country has been experiencing a shortage across the two mentioned areas that are skilled workers and even healthcare.

Improvement in foreign credential program
The program which is tracked at a very faster pace is already reaching out benefits to as many 2000 pharmacists, more than 1000 dentists and a large number of engineers.

In fact as of now skilled immigrants belonging to as many as 14 occupations have been making the most of this program. With the inclusion of 10 more there is going to be a help for the immigrants and also he country. By including healthcare categories, the Government aims at providing a better life to Canadians.

Advantages of the program
This program addresses the labor shortage issue within a short period of time. The applicants are considered more on the basis of practical training and work experience they hold than their educational qualification.

Applications are processed quite faster so that an immigrant worker can reach Canada as soon as possible.

Views expressed

Employment Minister Jason Kenney says that the Government aims at creating jobs to maintain economic growth and long term prosperity of the country. He informed that inclusion of 10 more occupations in foreign credential recognition will ensure that more of new Canadians can work across the country.

Immigration Minister said that Government is committed to build a faster and flexible immigration system. This in turn would help attract new immigrants who can become major contributors to the success story of the country.

The Background of the program
With the aim of improving foreign credential recognition program, a design has been developed which will ensure that skilled, foreign applicants do not have to wait for a long period of time. According to this program, an applicant with skill would be informed within a year about his eligibility for the application he submits. All this is done under Economic Action Plan of the country.

Canada has been much into the revision of immigration programs so that they can strengthen the economy of the nation. The nation which depends on immigration population for a considerable percentage of economic prosperity is all set to come up with a system that would meet the labor shortage at an earliest possible and would ensure a smooth and faster entry for the immigrants too.

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