The potentials of Start-Up Visa Program; New immigrants welcomed under the program

Jason Kenney, previous Immigration Minister had initiated Start up Visa Program only in 2013 and since then applications started pouring in this category.

Welcoming the immigrants
Chris Alexander, the present Immigration Minister, enjoyed the opportunity of welcoming the first immigrants to the country under this program. The immigrants are a native of Ukraine and an IT entrepreneur.

Immigration Minister shared that quite a large number of applications have been received under this category, but, he did not specify any number.

Chris Alexander shares that the country is focusing on Immigration as a source of strengthening the economy of the nation.

The program and the Immigrant entrepreneurs

Under this category visas are issued by CIC after a candidate is chosen by the businesses in the country and the Government meets the formality of checking the background of the chosen candidate.

One who is ready to make an investment of CAN $75,000 can avail this visa. However, one must clear the background check, an English or French proficiency test, should hold a post-secondary level education and must be ready to make the determined among of investment in Canada.

Linking up with Business people
Mr. Alexander organized a meeting with Business people so that he can explore the best ways to make the most of Start-Up Visa Program.
In the mid so August, 2014 he had one such meeting with Waterloo based Business incubator and leaders in the field to explore the potential benefits that can be drawn from this program.

The discussion of the meeting focused on attracting new immigrant entrepreneurs who can in sat and create jobs for Canadians making the economy of the nation stronger.

For this, he also encouraged the business houses in Canada to identify and attract more such potential investors who can create opportunities for the people of Canada.

Meeting the needs
The program aims at providing opportunities to those immigrant investors who have resources that can be useful for Canadian growth. This program gives a platform to people who want to immigrate to Canada and have the required expertise and monetary resource at the same time. The entire process is directed towards a faster story of economic growth as well as aiming at long term prosperity.
Alexander says that “Canada would attract the best entrepreneurs and innovators from all across the world.”

Upcoming project
In the first month of 2015, CIC would launch an application management system which would be operated electronically and the program would be termed as “Express Entry”.

Immigration is a key to the economic growth of a country like Canada; therefore, Government is quite alert on the needs and issues related to this sector. While welcoming the first immigrants through Start-Up Visa, the Immigration Minister is quite aware of its contribution towards economic success of the nation. Hence, there is a sound plan is prepared; accordingly business personalities are kept in the loop of the entire process.