Plagiarism: a common tool used by international students for performing well

The Administrative offices and legal aid cells across a large number of Canadian Universities are quite busy handling the cases of “plagiarism” and “cheating in the exams”. And the population of international students committing this academic crime is quite alarming as well.

How bad is the alarm?
Only a few years back, a little less than 100 students were found cheating at University of Windsor during 2011-2012. This makes a little less than 1% of 12,000 because the national average stands at 1%.

The Universities across the country are opening number of branches everywhere in the world and hence there is an effort to take in more and more internationals students. Along with the growing number, it is observed that the foreign students are failing to get a fair grade in the academic evaluation.

The situation becomes all the more alarming because there is no system to track the offense committed by an international student in his home country.
Staff Lawyer Karen Bellinger says that the international students make up for almost 12% of the total students body at University of Toronto.
What makes the internationals students cheat?
The Dean of University of Windsor days that the possible reason could be the transitions of students from high school to university.
He also says, “The faster paced environment where one is expected to work more leads to cheating.”

The other reason could be the differencing culture of Canada and the country the international students belong to.

Such students carry the burden of expectations coming from their families because they have spent so much of money into their admission and even their studies too.

Another issue could be with understanding and expressing the language. Even though the students are made to sit for a comprehensive test but the day to day handling could be a little difficult for someone who is used to communicating in a different language, if not the knowledge may be the confidence could stand out to be a wall.

The difference in the culture poses another that for the students who have travelled miles away from their home countries.

What is plagiarism in true sense?
In a survey it was revealed that many students could actually not find another word for expressing heir thoughts and hence they bank upon the one available close to them. Unfortunately, this word could be originally from someone else’s work which reflects as plagiarism while scrutinizing the word. Almost 60% of the international students answered in a survey that the intention is not to cheat bit it happens due to some unavoidable circumstances.

The students who cross oceans and continent to come and obtain a valuable degree in Canada would certainly not like to go back home with a “poor grade”. When they are caught upon cheating, they may be a little helpless. However, cheating and plagiarism is something that could not be tolerated by any University in the country and hence it is observed as an academic crime.