PGP Program reaches the upper limit of capping sooner than expected

Parent Grand Parent Program opened this January after two years of long wait and it reached the upper capping limit within a short period of a month.

It has been reported that 5000 applications were submitted right within 30 days of reopening the program.

The commitment

The Government is committed to allow as many as 20,000 new parents and grandparents. In the present scenario the remaining 15,000 are left at lurch. However, the Government says that the rest of the 15,000 PGP would not make a part of existing backlogs.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada inform that by the end of this year, they expect to allow the entry of as many as 20,000 parents and grandparents.

Chris Alexander says, “The government understands the importance of spending time with family and loved ones.”

Through 5,000 applications Canada would be welcoming as many as 9,000 people.

The Department is committed to contuse with the good track record so that one does not get caught into the “old broken system”.

The closure in the past
Way back in 2011, November, the Government had stopped taking any application on this family reunification program due to the backlog getting piled up. However, in 2012-2013 as many as 50,000 parents and grandparents were awarded permanent resident status.

Super Visa Program was introduced for the PGPs to enter Canada as long term visitors.

The Action Plan
Immigration minister Chris Alexander informs that the intake is full and hence no new applications would be taken till next year. This is again to reduce the existing backlog and to process the new applications faster.

Since 2011, when Faster Family Reunification plan was introduced, almost half of the backlog has been cleared out which is expected to get reduced by almost two third by the end of next year, that is 2015.

Super Visa program
The Minister explains that the country has one of the fastest family reunification programs in place.

He informed that as many as 28,000 Super Visas were issued and only 2% of the applications coming under this category have been rejected because of not meeting the criteria. The program would be reopened again in 2015. This is a multiple entry visa which holds validity for as long as ten years. This visa allows a parent or a grandparent to stay put in the country for as long as 24 months even without getting the same renewed.

There are cases reported where parents and grandparents had to wait for as long as a decade to get a visa for coming to Canada to meet their children or grandchildren. This is largely because of a huge pile of applications. Therefore, the government stopped inviting any application for some time and reopened the program in January this year. A high number of people can re-unite with their families as the processing time would get reduced. The Government is quite sensitive towards the need and emotions of family members and hence a variety of measures are taken up.