An overview of Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program: Learn the advantages

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program is operated jointly by both Government of Alberta and Government of Canada.

According to the changes that are effective from June 5, 2014, this program can issue a maximum of 5,500 certificates of nomination during 2014 alone.

As per reports, half of this number has been issued by May of this year. Once the limit is reached, Alberta would not issue any further certificates until 2015, when the program begins again.

Aim of the program
The program is aimed at promoting economic growth of the nation, along with ensuring that immigrants who have learnt skills over their stay in Canada are retained back.

Beneficial for
This program can provide benefits to spouse or common law partner, children (only the dependent ones) of someone who is nominated by the provincial Government.
Skilled and semi-skilled workers can take advantage of the program. However, one must remember that this program is meant for those who want to come to Alberta as permanent residents. Someone willing to come here as a temporary worker should not apply through this program.

Criteria to be met by the employers
• An employer should be operating a business which is registered under the act of legislature or the Parliament of the country, and this business should be placed in Alberta.
• An employer has to offer a job to the immigrant applicant who should be full time and permanent in nature.
• The job should be one of those mentioned in the National Occupational Classification. Some of them are management occupations, university and college education, or it could be for the purpose of training or secondary education too. However one should refer to an exhaustive list for understating the eligibility better.

Criteria to be met by the applicant
• An applicant has to reveal his intentions of living permanently in Alberta.
• He has to agree to the condition that he would accept fulltime and permanent job in the province.
• One should hold a valid Post Graduation Work permit issued by CIC Canada.
• One should hold the test results and score card to prove the proficiency.
• Successful score for Language Proficiency Test from a recognized institution should be submitted.

Categories for submitting an application
One may apply as Skilled Worker Category, International Graduate Category and even under Semi-Skilled Category. Everywhere the candidate has to meet the criteria for being successful.

Processing time
The processing time could run anywhere between 8 months to 12 months. During this period AINP would assess the applications, evaluate them and then take a final call.

One must be quite careful about filling up the form. The first thing one should do is to evaluate the eligibility, and then submit the documents that are asked for. You should not miss the scope of becoming a permanent resident merely because you have slipped up while filling up the form. So, submit your application as soon as possible because the upper limit of issuing certificates is not far away.