Outlook of Changed Federal Skilled Worker Program-Expected Changes

A number of changes are expected in Federal Skilled worker Program when it is finally unveiled in January 2013.

Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister, Jason Kenney says, “The Federal Skilled Worker Program is Canada’s largest economic immigration program. The changes we are making to update the selection criteria are based on a large body of data and evidence we have accumulated over the years.”

The proposed changes

Language Proficiency

All these years CIC has been experiencing the issue of “language proficiency” of the immigrants. Hence, the changes in FSWP will surely include the proficiency in one of the two Official Languages of Canada which are English and French. Which means all the applicants should be proficient in either English or French.

Young Immigrants

Immigrants below the age group of 45 will be preferred; in fact those above this benchmark will not score any points under this category. CIC believes that the population in Canada is getting riper year after year, so the nation ants more of young immigrants than the older ones. They will be able to stay for a longer period in the country before retiring; hence their contrition will be more to the economy of the nation.

Assessment of Foreign credentials

An applicant holding a degree from any other university out of Canada will experience his credential checked and verified against Canadian standards. Also, those with Canadian work experience will score more marks than those with any international one prince.

Arranged Employment to be simplified

Proposals are made to simplify the process of “Arranged employment” so that fraud cases err reduced and at the same time employers will face less of hassles to hire employees and fill up the vacancies. All these days, employers and immigrants both had a tough time looking for each other, and the former got delayed in getting their work done whereas the latter were devoid of job opportunities.

Welcoming approach for the skilled people

Skilled people bulging to various professions like construction, transportation, manufacturing and other industries related to natural resources will be given a preference so that the issue of labor shortage is resolved in all the provinces.

These are the proposed and speculated changes in FSWP, though the final information will be printed and published in late 2012. The applications for mentioned category would be invited only in the early months of 2013.