Ottawa to limit immigrant parents’ dependent children’s age to under 19


As per the plans, this new ruling will become applicable with effect from 1st January next year.

Canada to restrict immigration age limit of dependent children—From 1st January 2014 onwards, age limit of dependent children of immigrant parents will be lowered to under 19.

This will help in preventing older children of immigrant parents from joining their immigrant parents as well as siblings living in Canada.

The new proposal is being considered under a new plan of the federal government to restrict ‘dependent child’ definition. And the exception to the age of dependent children will also be removed under the new rules.

A new federal government plan aims to restrict the immigration age limit of immigrant parents children to under 19 from 1st January next year.

Under the current rules, the definition of a dependent child includes those who are under 22 and are single. Moreover, there is also an exception of this age limit for older children who are studying full time and depend on the financial support of their immigrant parents.

70,000 immigrants ineligible to come to Canada?—If the planned proposal does become a ruling early next year, it will make around 70,000 immigrants ineligible to come to Canada each year.

Yes, that’s true. However, the government feels it is quite right to limit the immigration age for dependent children of immigrant parents.

The earlier in life the immigrants come, the higher will be the resemblance of their educational experience to their native Canadians counterparts and it will be easier for them to learn any of the two Canadian official languages as well as adapting to Canada’s culture and way of life.

Aim of new proposal—As per the federal government, aim of the new proposed ruling is to enable easier transition to a flexible and a fast economic immigration, to boost economic prosperity and to aim those possessing skills to fill labor shortages in Canada.

As per the official figures for the year 2012, of all sponsored children to Canada, nearly 90 percent were dependents aged below 19. On the other hand, those aged above 19 comprised merely 10 percent of sponsored children to Canada.

It may be notable in this regard that age at immigration becomes one of the most vital factors in determining the economic outcomes of immigrants to Canada. New rules will be applicable on those filing an immigration application on or after 1st January 2014.