Ottawa to establish skilled immigrant pool

Such a provision will be of great help for employers wanting to hire skilled immigrant workers for skills in high demand in various Canadian provinces.

Skilled immigrant pool by 2014—Soon, employers in Canada will have the facility of choosing potential skilled migrant workers needed in Canadian provinces. This will be possible with the help of creation of a new pool of skilled immigrants, informed Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney.

Various Canadian provinces have supported the establishment of new EOI for reforming Canada immigration process by 2014. EOI system helps employers pick and choose immigrants based on the demand for skills in their respective provinces.

This will make the process of Canada immigration faster and in tune with the changing needs of Canadian provinces, he maintained. He was referring to the recent discussions about the issue with immigration ministers of various Canadian provinces with the exception of Quebec immigration minister.

Ontario wants more immigrants—Ontario needs more economic immigrants and this has been informed by the immigration minister Michael Chan to Ottawa.

In a recent notice to Canadian government, Chan said the province is in need of increased number of immigrants since it is the largest Canadian province. It may be worth mentioned that there has been a significant decline in the number of immigrants coming to Ontario for the last couple of years.

Hence, Ontario looks forward to getting a fair share of immigrants over the next two years with the establishment of EOI (Expression of Interest) system, clarified Chan. EOI system is currently being used by nations like Australia and New Zealand for distribution of skilled immigrant workers throughout the nation.

Double the annual provincial immigration quota—Ontario to Ottawa—Apart from getting its due share of immigrants annually, Ontario must also be allowed to double its annual intake under Ontario’s provincial nominee program, asserted Mr. Chan.

Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney has been positive with regard to the demand for doubling the Ontario provincial immigration quota to 5,000 in the year 2014. As of now, the share of provincial nominees allowed to Ontario is just five percent of the total Canadian provincial nominee intake annually.

The demand for an increase in the annual provincial nominee immigration quota by various Canadian provinces is in keeping with the view that various immigrants are able to get employment in their chosen field of expertise/skill-sets, Mr. Chan informed.