Obama considering 800,000 US H-1B visas annually

Yes, as per the proposals, the US President Barack Obama wants to increase the annual quota for US Green Cards and US H-1B visas by around 800,000 annually.

Around 800,000 US Green Cards, US H-1B visas annually?—The US is considering proposals to increase the Guest-worker visas by nearly 800,000 annually. Details reveal that US may free up around 800,000 additional US Guest worker visas in the first year.

And the US is already considering eliminating the requirement of the moving back to the native nations by the spouses of US citizens for a minimum period of there years before making an application for US permanent residency.

The US is also considering the proposal of extension of US work permits to spouses of temporary US H-1B skilled workers.

The US may increase the annual US Green Cards and US H-1B visas by nearly 800,000 soon.

Details of the proposals—The US President is yet to take any final decision on the issue of around 800,000 US guest-worker visas the first year. If the new US immigration norms become effective, then the children and the spouses will not be counted towards the annual cap. The proposals are in response to the long stated requests of the family and business groups.

Additional US immigration changes—There are some other US immigration changes in the pipeline too.

As per the details, the US wants to recapture any unused US employment green cards from the earlier years. And this will lead to production of around 200,000 new US Green Cards.

This information comes from a document defining the proposals from Complete America(a high-tech firms’ coalition). The US is already considering extension of US work permits to spouses of US temporary H-1B skilled workers in the US on US H-4 visas.

So, if the rule becomes effective, it will lead to issuance of 100,000 US work permits to qualified dependents.

Nonetheless, these actions are not going to please Americans, On the contrary, it will increase difficulties for Americans, especially those at the lower rung of the ladder, to get employment in the US.

For long, the native Americans have been demanding a freeze on the US Guest workers being allowed to the US through immigration. And the Americans feel undocumented immigrants are a big threat to the US customs and US beliefs.

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