Obama’s plan for single immigration reform with path to citizenship

Obama is likely to announce the plan in a couple of weeks.

Single immigration law including a pathway to US citizenship—Obama will, most likely, be presenting an immigration reform in the form of a single law allowing a path to US citizenship for most of undocumented immigrants living here.

US President Obama will be pushing forward an immigration package that provides a route to US citizenship for almost all the undocumented aliens living here soon.

The step will be a part of the comprehensive major immigration overhaul being planned by the US administration in the next few months. But, as of now, the things are under plans and nothing is finalized yet. So, it will be wholly premature to make any assumptions, stated a senior administration official.

But, one thing is for sure, that the topic of an immigration reform has been high on the mind of the US President Obama since he won during the recent re-election held in November last year. He got an overwhelming response from Hispanic voters.

The aim will be to help offer a route to US citizenship for nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US. This was revealed by senior US administration officials as well as US lawmakers last week.

Oppose steps that hinder US citizenship to immigrants—The move will include opposing steps that somehow hinder legal US citizenship status to immigrants, the officials have maintained.

The plan will include adding visas for decreasing immigration backlogs, imposing verification of US immigration status of newly recruited workers by businesses and enabling highly skilled immigrants to live in the US.

The Obama administration also intends to have a guest worker program to lure low-wage migrant workers to the US. Obama’s proposal will have certain requirements including payment of back taxes, imposing fines and some other provisions for undocumented immigrants wanting to become legal US residents, the officials have clarified.

In order to become a legislation, Obama’s plan for a major immigration overhaul would require support from Republicans.

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