O Visas for individuals with outstanding ability or achievement

Those with extraordinary achievements in television industry or motion picture also a best bet for O-1 non immigrant visas.

Different categories of O visas—

O-1 A: For those with an extraordinary ability in busines, sciences, athletics or education.

O-1B: For those with any extraordinary ability in arts or any extraordinary achievement in television industry or motion picture

O-2: Individuals who are going to accompany any O-1 athlete or artist in any specific performance or an event.

O-3: Individuals who happen to be either spouse or children of O-1s and O-2s.

O visas are for individuals with some extra ordinary ability or any extra ordinary achievement wanting to come to the US for a temporary period fo time.

So, we can simply say that O visas are for highly acclaimed or highly talented individuals wanting to come to the US for a short period.

Eligibility criteria for O-1 visas—In order to qualify for O-1 visa, an individual needs to be show extraordinatry ablity through sustained national/international acclaim.

And an important part of such US visas is that the individual should be coming to the US only for a temporary period of time for working in the field in which he or she has extraordinary ability.

Extraordinary ability in Arts—It means a distinction or a high level of achievement in arts demonstrated in arts by a degree of skill and recognition that happens to be substantially above the ordinary level(the person ought to be leading, well known or renowned in the field of arts).

Extraordinary ability in motion picture/television industry—The individual needs to show extraordinary achievement by a degree of skill and recognition that is above the ordinarily encountered(that the person is known as notable/leading/outstanding in television/motion picture field).

Extraordinary ability in science, business, athletics or education—It means an expertise level showing the individual is one of the small fraction of those who have risen to the very top in the field.

Process of application for O-1 Visa—The petitioner needs to file Form I-129 for non-immigrant worker with the office of the USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services). It is advisable to file the Form I-129 a minimum of 45 days before the actual date of employment in the US.