Nova Scotia intends to double immigration levels by 2020

Announcing the new immigration strategy for Nova Scotia (NS), Premier of Nova Scotia Darrell Dexter stated in Halifax Friday that NS will aim to allow entry for 7,200 immigrants to live and work in Nova Scotia.

Currently, Nova Scotia allows a maximum of 3,600 immigrants annually.

Additional investments by NS under new immigration plans—Nova Scotia has announced spending additional funds to the tune of 79,000 for attracting higher number of skilled immigrants under the revised immigration plans announced by Premier Dexter at the Canadian Immigration Museum at Pier 21.

The plan titled ‘Welcome Home to Nova Scotia’, the new immigration move happens to be the most ambitious strategy focusing on higher number of immigrant workforce for the province, stated Dexter.

Immigration strategy to invite immigrants with requisite skill-sets and experience in Nova Scotia—The foremost aim of the new immigration strategy of Nova Scotia is to attract immigrants with required skills and experience for working in the province, informed Marilyn More, the immigration minister.

The new immigration plan will help in making immigration programs of Nova Scotia in tune with the requirements of the employers in NS.

The immigration strategy of Nova Scotia aims to have a retention rate of 70 percent. Premier Dexter maintained that the immigration strategy will be complimenting employment opportunities in Nova Scotia by attracting foreign workers possessing foreign contacts as well as technical skills for enabling the province become competitive, innovative and more productive.

This will also result in success of new immigrants in Nova Scotia and will help them in staying permanently in this Canadian province, Ms. More asserted.

Other aims of new immigration plan of Nova Scotia—

• It will extend required information about job scenario including recognition of foreign credentials and settlement in NS to assist newcomers make effective plans for living and working in Nova Scotia even before they immigrate here.

• Help in quicker and easy recruitment of temporary foreign workforce for employers in Nova Scotia.

• Improvement in immigrant settlement projects like providing immigrant services to every region of NS.

• Strategic marketing for attracting foreigners as well as those already having immigrated to Canada.