Nova Scotia as Immigration Destination- An evaluation

Nova Scotia has been proven to have immense potential through its Nominee program, as reported by an evaluation report. Nominations have increased by 2000% merely during a period of 2003 to 2010.

The evaluation
When compared with the total landing of Nominees, it is observed that 25% of them come through Provincials Nominee program. This percentage was only a little more than 3.5% in 2003.

More than 65% of the immigrants coming through this program have been retained in the country and are reported to be well settled. This figure is quite close to the target of retaining as many as 70% of the immigrants coming here.

When spoken to the employers, only 5% of them were found to be unhappy with their immigrant employees. This makes it quite evident that rest of them is satisfied with the performance of the immigrants working for them.

The opportunities
There are evidences that immigrants are employed into full time vacancies and there is a continual growth and training obtained by the immigrants.

NSNP is aimed at attracting the best suited immigrants to the labor and economic needs of the province and the country in turn.

The provincial Nominees streams
The streams are:
Skilled Worker Stream
An applicant should have full time job offer from an employer in the province. Occupations with codes of O, A and B are eligible under this stream.
International Graduate Stream
An applicant, who has graduated from a University in Canada, should hold a full time job offer from an employer in the province preferably in his area of study or work experience. An applicant has to ensure that before applying he must have worked for a minimum of 3 months for the same employer.

Family Business Worker Stream
An applicant should hold a full time job offer from business which is run by the family.

Community Identified Stream
Those whom have stayed in the province for a long time and share a bond with the same can apply under this stream. However there are some exceptional cases entertained under this program as well.

The Dependent Child of Nova Scotia Nominees
The stream was designed to support the immigrants coming to support the economy of the country and could not bring their dependent children along. This program not only favors the entry of dependent children of PNs but also expect them to stay, live and work permanently in the province.

Agri food Pilot
This is meant for immigrants submitting and implementing an agri based business plan and work here for a long term.

Nova Scotia provincial nominee Program has attracted a large number of immigrants in the country and has made them work settle and live a happy life by providing them with job opportunities. This program attracts a large percentage of nominees coming to the country through other programs across various provinces. It is known to be contributing largely to the economy of the country as well.