Nova Scotia immigrant nominee cap increased by 200

Ottawa has announced increasing the annual immigration cap for Nova Scotia nominees by 200.

Nova Scotia nominee cap raised to 700—For the year 2013, Nova Scotia will be allowed to admit a total of 200 additional immigrant nominees. This has been announced by Ottawa.

The new immigration cap for Nova Scotia immigration will now become 700 from the earlier limit of 500 nominees for the coming year.

The announcement came from Premier Darrell Dexter. For past several months, there have been discussions over the issue of increasing annual intake for Nova Scotia nominee immigration.

The new annual cap for Nova Scotia immigrant nominee program is up by 200 taking the total limit to 700 for one year. It happens to be the highest ever limit for Nova Scotia immigrant nominee program in any year.

Nova Scotia immigrant nominee program—Nova Scotia immigrant nominee program allows foreigners with business skills in high demand in this Canadian province to come and work here. This immigrant program comprises nearly one-third of province’s total immigrants coming each year.

It is a favored route for skilled immigrants from various corners of the world wanting to immigrate, work and settle in Nova Scotia

Immigrants under Nova Scotia immigrant nominee program can make application in various categories including —

• skilled workers;

• family business workers;

• non-dependent children of nominees and agriculture;

• community indentified people;

• International graduates.

Will strive for increased Nova Scotia immigrant nominee intake—Premier Dexter said the move of increasing annual quota for Nova Scotia immigrant nominee program came after repeated requests to Ottawa.

He reiterated that efforts will continue to urge the federal government to allow more immigrant nominees to Nova Scotia. That’s because Nova Scotia has the capability of welcoming increased number of skilled immigrants, he affirmed.

The target is to have the annual immigrant intake for Nova Scotia immigrant nominee program go up to 1,500 by the year 2020.

Along with this, the aim is to double the number of immigrants to Nova Scotia by the year 2020.

As per the plan, overall immigrant intake will be increased from the current 3,600 to 7,200 by 2020. This was revealed in Nova Scotia’s immigration plan unveiled in 2011.

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