No valid reason to travel? No visa

Then, its quite possible that you are not going to get a visa granted from the immigration officials.

No valid reason for travelling means no visa—For all aspirants of getting US visas or Canada visas, it is quite mandatory to have a valid reason for travelling. Also, you must have sufficient finances for supporting your stay overseas.

If you want to ensure the grant of US visa, then you need to assure that you not only have a valid reason for travelling along with sufficient funds for staying there.

So, whether you are an applicant for a study visa, a visitor visa or a business visa, you need to have clarity about your visit. Only then can you remain assured about getting a US visa. Otherwise, you are likely to get refusal by US immigration officials for a US visa.

Faster, E-visas for Indians—Several nations are introducing new simpler visa norms for Indians to help them visas in a record short span of time. As per the details, Indians wanting to travel to France can look forward to getting a France visa within just 48 hours.

This facility will become available to Indian travellers with effect from early next year. That’s simply great for Indians wanting to travel overseas.

As of now, the average time for getting a France visa happens to be nearly 15 days. Apart from France, many other nations like Canada, the US and the UK are introducing new rules for Indians to get a visa-on-arrival.

Different types of US visas—Now, lets see the different types of US visas available for foriegners wanting to come to the US for studying, visiting or for any other purpose. The US has a fiancee visa for enabling the fiancee of any American citizen wanting to come to the US.

And for working in the US, there are a variety of US visas like US L1 visa, US H-1B visa, US H-1A visa. In addition, there is B2 visa for tourists wanting to come to the US.

B1 visa is meant for making a temporary visit to the US for business purposes. If you possess any extraordinary ability in atheletics, science, arts or business/education, then you are a good applicant for US O1 visaas. And if you are globally recognised athlete/globally recognised entertainment group member, then you can apply for US P1 visa.

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