No US residency proof—No health insurance

The US has warned consumers that any failure to resolve immigration status and citizenship issues will lead to losing tax-payer subsidized US health insurance.

Yes, the US administration seems to sound quite clear. Resolve your immigration/US citizenship status or lose your health insurance, warns the US consumers through its latest announcement.

Proof of US immigration must for US health insurance—Do you know that the US has, in a latest step, made it mandatory for all to have proof of their US immigration or US citizenship? Yes, any failure to do so is going to result in heavy loss. Its going to be a big loss in the form of losing one’s tax-payer subsidized US health insurance.

The US consumers should either provide proof of their immigration/citizenship status or lose their US tax-payer subsidized health insurance.

As per the official information, the US adminstration is sending letters to around 310,000 people.

Upload proof of residency/immigration status by 5th September—All such consumers are being informed to act immediately and upload their requisite documents latest by 5th September to the official website of the US Healthcare system or simply mail them.

Any failure to do so will lead to end of the health care coverage on 30th September, 2014.

The letters are in Spanish and in English language. So, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services officials, responsible for 2010 Affordable Care Act, has stated that all insurers will be intimated to terminate US health policies of consumers not responding back with required US residency/US Citizenship proofs by 5th September, 2014.

Temination of health insurance policies will begin 30th September, 2014.

No health coverage for unlawful residents—The US does not allow any health coverage to people living in the nation without any legal immigration status or legal US residency.

Among those who are going to be affected most are Hispanics since they top the list of cases lying unresolved. 36 states of the US are going to be affected by the latest US government’s policy.

Meanwhile, the US administration has already resolved around 450,000 cases involving discrepancies regarding US immigration or citizenship status. And the work is in progress with regard to another 210,000 cases.

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