No US EB-5 Visas for China until October

30th September, 2014 happens to be the last date of the FY(Fiscal Year) 2014.

That’s because the Chinese nationals have already been granted the maximum number of US EB-5 immigrant visas during this FY.

No US EB-5 visas for Chinese until 1st October—Chinese nationals can apply for US EB-5 visas from 1st October this year. This is because the new FY begins from 1st October this year as the FY 2014 comes to an end on 30th September this year.

The US state department clarified that the Chinese nationals’ annual quota for US EB-5 immigrant visas for the FY 2014 has already been used and more US EB-5 visas will become open for Chinese from 1st October this year.

The US has clarified the Chinese can apply for US EB-5 immigrant visas from 1st October when the new FY 2015 begins.

US EB-5 immigrant visas—US EB-5 immigrant visas are US visas meant to be issued to groups of citizens from different regions of the world including China. These US visas offer a conditional permanent residency to foreigners making an application for US immigrant visas overseas or for getting their residence status adjusted in the US on the basis of the approval of their I-526 petitions.

Reason for unavailability of US EB-5 immigrant visas for Chinese—Due to allotment of an increasingly large number of US EB-5 visas to Chinese during the fiscal year 2014, the US government has decided not to issue any US immigrant visas(US EB-5 visas) to Chinese until 1st October this year(when the new FY begins).

Applicants for Adjustment of status in the US—If the applications for adjustment of status in the US are made in the US, then the applications will be accepted by the US immigration service subject to approval of I-526 petitions.

And it needs to be further notable in this regard that the latest development of non issuance of US EB-5 visas to Chinese until 1st October this year will not have any impact on the adjudication fo I-526 petitions since it will go on with the current processing times of the US immigration.

US immigrant visa applicants at US consular posts—Well, for applicants for US immigrant visas at US consular posts(with appointment already scheduled), a reservation for US immigrant visa numbers has already been done. So, no effect will be there on US immigrant visa applicants at US consular posts.

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