Sunday January 27 2013

No record of visitors overstaying temporary Canada visas

Canada, 17th August: Canada does not have any official record of a large number of foreigners coming to Canada on temporary visas but staying in Canada permanently, the federal government revelation states.

An official spokesperson of CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) said that currently, there is no system record-keeping of departure of visitors from Canada.

Aspiring immigrants pay the price for federal government’s fault— No exact figures are available for the number of foreign visitors overstaying their Canada temporary visas. Moreover, the government does not keep information about the nations from which foreign visitors hail.

And this is a major loophole in Canadian policy makers, feels Kevin Lamoureuxm a Winnipeg North MP, keeping in view the latest technologies.

The fault of federal government seems to be proving taxing for many relatives of immigrants hailing from the Philippines and India wanting to come to Canada for meeting their families or relatives living in Canada.

Many times, applicants for Canada visas are told of rejection of their applications because Canada visa officials feel the applicant might not leave Canada after expiry of their Canada visas.

But there is no logic in this Canada immigration ruling, argues Auryn Goze from Winnipeg, whose brother was denied to visit her for attending her son’s marriage this month.

This is despite the fact that her brother had left Canada before expiry of his Canada visa during his last Canada visit, Goze adds.

No wonder, Lamourex has launched a national campaign calling for immediate reforms in Canada immigration rules since he also feels that federal government’s lackluster attitude is keeping many families apart without any reason.

And this is a big shock and surprise because decisions of the government of Canada are not based on any facts, adds Lamourex.

CIC reviews immigration rules at regular intervals—spokesperson maintains--Meanwhile, Canada immigration department maintains that immigration laws are reviewed at regular intervals.

According to the official spokesperson of CIC, the department acts on a case-to-case basis for maintaining a proper balance between allowing visitors to Canada while ensuring safety of the nation.

Among the factors considered while accepting or rejecting Canada visa of any applicant are asylum claims, immigration violation rates, removal by any nation, or integrity of vital travel papers, she further maintained.

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