No more reunification applications accepted before 2014 to clear the backlog

With the changes in the immigration law by immigration minister Jason Kenny, no new applications for family reunification will be taken for processing before 2014. The measure is for completing the surfeit of union applications, which are already pending. Minister Kenny stated that, there has been an increase in the number of applications by sixty percent from the year 2010. In addition, Kenny added, fifty thousand applications have come under the new law that was passed earlier in 2012. The news of not accepting applications for reunification has come as a blow for the Canadian immigrants. Kenny said, “The applications are already in abundance and taken a toll to 165,000 and more are coming.”

The reasons for not taking more applications
• Other associates of immigration department have said the program for reunification is getting dysfunctional as loads of applications are pending and more are coming. The redesigning of the program and law is in the process so that backlogs can be cleared on priority for those who had applied for family reunification first. In a press release offered from the Canadian immigration department clearly mentioned that, no more applications would be accepted until 2014 for reunification. On the statement released by the immigration department, Kenny said, “The course of action for designing the program is going well as progression of clearing the backlogs has started.”

• Jason Kenny stated that, number of applications would be cut to twenty percent for the year 2013 and fifty percent in the year 2014. Experts are stating that, stoppage on accepting more applications for reunification is a good step by the immigration department to clear the time and bring back the process on track. With the change in the plans of reunification, 2014 will see wait time cut to three and half years for synchronized processing of applications for reunification.

Opinion of the immigrants
Immigrants are stating that, it is an unfair method adopted, as they will have to wait in the queue for getting their application processed. The change in requirements like raised income for getting a reunification acceptance will prove difficult for the immigrants. Kenny said, “All applicants will be measured on the same parameters, except special cases.” Kenny also added that, once the backlog of union applications is completed, new applications for reunification will be accepted and until that, applicants ought to keep their patience. During a speech in the parliament, Kenny said, “Reunification is a commitment and an important element of the immigration program and with proper methods it would be achieved as planned.”