No Job Offer needed for Nova Scotia immigration

And there is no points-based system for Nova Scotia immigration.

Want to immigrate to Nova Scotia?—Are you an aspirant of moving to Nova Scotia? Well, now is the right time to do so. Why? Because Canada’s province Nova Scotia has recently announced a new immigration program. And this will enable immigrants to get Canada permanent residency as well.

You will be glad to know that you will not require to have any job offer in Nova Scotia for immigrating here. And this is certainly great news for a large number of aspiring immigrants to Nova Scotia.

Regional Labor Market Demand Stream—Nova Scotia’s provincial nominee program will now have a new program-Regional Labor Market Demand Stream. The program has been opened with effect from 6th March, 2014. And this will offer aspiring immigrants a good opportunity to come to Nova Scotia and become Canada permanent residents.

Canada province Nova Scotia will offer aspirants a chance to become Canada permanent residents through its Regional Labor Market Demand Stream without any need of having a job offer or any points based system.

Requirements for Regional Labor Market Demand Stream—We need to know the requirements or eligibility criteria for Regional Labor Market Demand Stream. First thing is that no offer of job is needed while making an application for Nova Scotia immigration under the above mentioned immigration stream.

And the applicant will not have any points-based system for immigration to Nova Scotia. However, a point worth notable in this regard is that the applicant needs to provide an employment settlement plan.

plan offers details about the occupation to be chosen in Nova Scotia, reason for selecting Nova Scotia, the location to be selected for settling in Nova Scotia. In addition, the applicant needs to have eligibility in any one of the labor categories in high demand(included in the occupation list of 43 occupations).

The age of the applicant needs to be between 21 and 55 years. And he or she must have sufficient funds for getting settled in Nova Scotia. Another requirement is having minimum proficiency in English language along with a degrees, certificate or a diploma from any post-secondary institute.

Processing time—The application processing time for Regional Labor Market Demand Stream under Nova Scotia’s immigration stream is going to be around one month or a little longer.

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