No clue about missing Indian tourists from Malaysia

This has put a question mark about the whereabouts of nearly 39,046 Indian tourists, which, the Indian High Commission said, could be just at any place in the world. 

Even the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Najib Razak has made it quite clear that his government does not have any knowledge, whatsoever, about Indian tourists. She said the all these Indians on tourist visas had disappeared and might be either in India, in Malaysia or any other country. 

And the probability of these Indian nationals in the restaurants of Malaysia is also being ruled out by Datuk R. Ramalingam Pillai, president of the Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners Association. While replying to the statement by Malaysian PM about Indian tourists gone missing, Mr. Pillai stated that as restaurants are public areas and quite open places, hence the missing Indians were not likely in restaurants. 

Majority of illegal workers prefer to work either in construction sites or in factories and stay away from seeking employment in the service industry in Malaysia. However, Mr. Pillai admitted the fact that some members of his association were involved in hiring illegal migrant workers and the association was aware of this truth. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Pillai has suggested the government to offer the illegal immigrants an amnesty period of three months to go back to their native places before proceeding with any legal action against them. This would help provide a solution to the increasing problem of illegal migrants in the country. 

Nonetheless, all efforts are being undertaken by the Indian High Commission in Malaysia to trace out the missing Indian tourists from Malaysia after the expiry of their tourist visas. There was a regular contact with the Malaysian administration and the immigration department of Malaysia. 

The real culprits responsible for such condition of the Indian tourists in Malaysia happen to be the agents who dupe innocent Indians to make quick money for themselves in the bargain.