New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

So, if you are an aspirant for a New Zealand working holiday visa and want to know about the various rules and requirements for this category of New Zealand visa, then here we will give all the detailed information for you and other aspirants.

New Zealand working holiday visa—New Zealand working holiday visa scheme has become quite popular now days. This becomes evident from the fact that website for New Zealand immigration was paralysed and crashed following a huge rush of applicants for New Zealand working holiday visas.

So, it becomes quite clear that New Zealand working holiday visas are in great demand and enjoy high popularity among youngsters wanting to come to New Zealand and work while holidaying here.

New Zealand working holiday visas are in big demand alluring increasingly high number of foreigners wanting to work while holidaying here.

Online application—New Zealand working holiday visa applications need to be made online with effect from 18th April, 2014. So, you need to keep this point in mind while applying for New Zealnd working holiday visa.

You will get notified through an automated message or an email within a period of five working days confirming about approval of your visa or requiring any further details.

Meanwhile, for the information of all those who had applied using a manual application(paper application form) before 18th April, 2014, it is being stated that they don’t need to make any new application since their application will be processed by New Zealand immigration department.

Longer stay, travel while work with New Zealand working holiday visa—Do you know that New Zealand Working Holiday scheme allows the visa holder to fund his or her travel and stay by working in New Zealand.

And another benefit of New Zealand working holiday visa is that you can look forward to staying longer than the stay period of a New Zealand tourist visa. Isnt it wonderful opportunity for youngsters wanting to learn, earn and enjoy in New Zealand and also gain the much needed New Zealand work experience? Indeed.

Requirements for New Zealand working holiday visa—You need to between 18 and 30 years(35 years for certain nation). You need to have a valid passport for a minimum of 3 months followign your planned departure from New Zealand. You need to have sufficient funds for buying a ticket or should have a return air ticket.

You also need to fulfill character and health conditions. Your first intention need to be holiday along with work as the secondary intention while being on a New Zealand working holiday visa.