New Zealand immigration penalties for employers misusing migrants

This will be possible under a new immigration law by New Zealand. New Zealand immigration law for helping migrants—Migrants being hired to work on lower wages will now get a big relief, thanks to the latest New Zealand immigration law. Yes, as per the new immigration ruling by New Zealand government, any employer in New Zealand found to be hiring migrants for using them as cheap laborers will be liable to face tougher implications. That’s certainly a worthy step by New Zealand government.

As per the details revealed by the New Zealand government, a new legislation has been introduced for those who exploit migrants. The bill has been introduced by the government to Parliament.

Details of the new immigration bill by New Zealand—As per the new immigration crackdown on employers abusing migrant workers in New Zealand, a jail sentence of as much as seven years could be faced by employers who misuse migrant workers in New Zealand. Michael Woodhouse, New Zealand immigration minister, stated that the new Immigration Amendment Bill will also lead to imposition of a fine exceeding up to $100,000 or both(sentence as well as fine). Sufficient resources must for enforcing immigration law–However, the labor feels sufficient resources will be required for enforcing such an immigration law in New Zealand without which tougher penalties for New Zealand employers will not be effective. Exploitation of migrant workers is increasing in New Zealand and this has been brought to the notice by several reports. As per the reports, several workers of Christchurch are not getting paid for annual leave as well as holidays, states official spokeswoman for Labor immigration, Darien Fenton. So, the new immigration law will be dependent on those migrant workers who choose to come forward and relate their woes. That could be something risky for any new foreign worker in New Zealand whose status of visa is dependent on the job, the spokeswoman added. It could mean putting the jobs of the concerned workers(who choose to speak against the exploitation in New Zealand)on the line even with extra protection, she further stated. Meanwhile, it may be worth mentioned here that new immigration law will equip immigration officials with extra search powers. So, immigration officials will have the authority to search the premises of employers abusing migrant worker rights.