New Zealand Immigration crackdown on dodgy schools, student intake revoked

This has been done after discovering that such private tertiary education schools were breaching rules regarding international student intake.

INZ crackdown on fake language schools—Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has, in a recent move, issued suspension orders of four private education providers in the nation. This has been revealed by the agency.

Among the institutes getting suspension orders include Aotearoa Tertiary Institute, the New Zealand School of Business and Government, National Institute of Studies and EDENZ Colleges. All these four educational institutes were found to be breaching rules concerning foreign student intake, the immigration agency maintains.

Immigration New Zealand has suspended four educational institutions following failure to comply by regulations regarding international students. A total of 21 New Zealand student visa applications awaiting processing have been suspended.

Probe for suspected immigration scam—As per general manager of Immigration New Zealand, Peter Elms, investigations are on to know facts about the people involved in immigration scam. If found guilty, they could be liable to imprisonment.

It may be noted that all these four private education providers in New Zealand were found to be guilty of discrepancies with regard to international student fees including poor maintenance of attendance records as well as misleading records.

Notices about the same have already been issued to these schools by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

According to Elms, there are concerns that such colleges might be sending foreign students into work in poor or inappropriate conditions. This might mean less than minimum wages or longer working hours for foreign students by exploitative employers, he maintained.

And this has proved to be a money-minting business for PTEs along with unlawful working of New Zealand’s education industry.

What does the suspension mean?—No foreign student enrollments—The suspension orders issued to four PTEs(Private Training Establishments) in New Zealand by Immigration New Zealand means they can no longer enroll any international student in the coming times.

It may be mentioned that all such private tertiary education providers lure international students especially from India and China through the help of immigration agents. Such immigration agents get a high rate of commission for school fee of each foreign student enrolled in the institute.

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