New Zealand announces new guides for immigrants

As per the information, a new resource ahs been produced for newcomers to New Zealand.

New source for helping New Zealand immigrants—Are you a new immigrant in New Zealand wanting to get some help in this nation? Well, you will be glad to know that the government of New Zealand has announced a new source for helping newcomers to New Zealand.

New Zealand immigrants can look forward to getting a new source of help with regard to immigration advice.

And the details reveal that this new source will enable newcomers get related information about immigration advice.

To be clear, new immigrants wanting to get immigration advice will find this new source quite helpful. The new resource is available in several languages to help immigrants from different nations. This has been revealed by IAA(Immigration Advisers Authority).

The “Guide to Licensed Immigration Advisers” is produced in several languages like Tongan, Korean, Chinese and Samoan. And the advice to aspiring immigrants is clear, only go for the registered immigration adviser.

Easy to follow New Zealand immigration guide–All immigrants are encourage to go through the immigration guide before seeking any immigration advice.

It offers some vital protections to help migrants while seeking services of a licensed immigration adviser. The information is quite easy to understand and follow. And its being hoped that the guide will help aspiring immigrants get professional and quality immigration guidance not only in New Zealand but also overseas, Ms. Albiston affirmed.

Only licensed immigration advisers in New Zealand—IAA has clarified that only licensed or authorised immigration advisers are allowed to offer immigration advice to people wanting to come to New Zealand.

So, anyone wanting to offer New Zealand immigration guidance or immigration advice needs to be licensed by the IAA, stated Catherine Albiston, acting registrar of the IAA. The Guides provide advantages of using a licensed immigration adviser and the ways to finding an authorised immigration adviser.

In addition, the risks involved in hiring the services of an immigration adviser not authorised by the IAA are also clearly highlighted in the new immigration adviser guide.

Talking about the special qualities of immigration advisers authorised by the IAA, Albiston said that licensed immigration advisers happen to be immigration specialists and need to follow a code of conduct while fulfilling competency standards.

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