New US Mobile App for eliminating airport queues

Yes, as of now, the new mobile app is being initiated at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

New Mobile app for US citizens—US citizens will be elated to know that waiting at US airports may become a thing of the past now.

How? Well this is going to be possible due to a new mobile app being trialled currently at an Atlanta airport. The new mobile app will be of great benefit to US citizens wanting to travel. They would, no longer, have to keep waiting at US airports.

The new app will enable passengers in the US to bypass US passport control. What a welcoming surpise! Isn’t it?

And it’s a sure step towards making the international travel quite less difficult for those wanting to enter the US. The only thing now is the wait for the success of the trial of this new mobile app in the US.

The US has announced a new mobile app for facilitating US citizens to bypass passport control.

What is the new mobile app for US travellers—Travellers can look forward to skipping the long queues at the passport control and rather reach the customs virtually with the help of the new mobile app. As per the details, the new mobile app will enable iPad and iPhone users to bypass the passport control.

For this, all they need is to download the mobile app named ‘mobilepassport’, fill in their profile details, click their own photo and give answers to the queries.

All the information needs to be submitted to the US Customs and Border Protection by the mobile app users throug the app for consideration. The mobile app users can get verification of the information submitted by them through a QR code.

This QR code has a validity duration of four hours and gets scanned by officers who will be seeing the passport of the concerned traveller before he or she exits.

US Citizens, Canadian visitors can use Mobile App—The new Mobile app named ‘mobilepassport’, can, as of now, be used by Canadian visitors and US citizens. Its being trialled in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport since this airport is considered to be the busiest airport in the world with over 250,000 passengers and 2,500 departures every day.

The app will be available in an android version too from September this year. And other US airports are likely to introduce the use of new mobile app by the year end.