New UK immigration rules for non-EEA nationals

As per the information, new UK immigration norms have already become effective from 13th December this year.

UK immigration norms for non-EEA nationals—The UKBA(UK Border Agency) has introduced the new rules for immigration to the UK. Aim of these tougher UK visa norms governing non-EEA nationals is to cut down rising rates of immigration to the nation.

UK has introduced tougher visa norms for foreigners from non-EEA wanting to immigrate to the UK. New rules are in effect from 13th December, 2012.

For long, the UK government has been reiterating its pledge to significantly reduce UK immigration levels down to tens of thousands.

Currently, the immigration intake is soaring at ‘hundreds of thousands’ and is a source of serious concern for the UK government especially in the wake rising unemployment levels.

What do the new immigration rules say?—The UKBA has introduced a series of changes to UK immigration rules governing non-EEA nationals. These will affect migrants and sponsors immigrating to the UK under various immigration routes including UK Tier 1, UK Tier 2 (skilled workers), UK Tier 4(international students) and UK Tier 5(temporary foreign workers).

As per the information, new rules for UK immigration will jeopardize efforts of the new UK immigrants wanting to bring elderly parents, or other dependent relatives to stay in the UK. And the fact that such new immigrants have become UK citizens will not prove beneficial in this regard.

Changes aimed to cut immigration rates—UK Home Secretary Theresa May has clearly stated that the new rules will lead to a fall in the immigration levels. The rate of UK immigration for temporary foreign workers wanting to work in the UK has already witnessed a decline of nearly 4 percent while a fall of 26 percent has been seen in the UK student visa category.

In addition, the number of UK family visas granted recently has shown a decline of 15 percent.

So, all these figures are a clear indication that tough UK visa norms have begun to show desired results, affirmed May. But still, more needs to be done to bring UK net migration down further, she claimed.

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