New UK immigration rules announced

As per the information, new UK immigration rules will target misusers of the process while making sure the Britons do get a fair deal.

What are the UK immigration changes?—Lets see the detailed changes to UK immigration rules becoming effective soon.

The UK has announced a new process for UK immigration to become effective soon.

• First, we come to changed UK Tier 4 student visa rules.

The UK has stated that licenses of colleges having more than 10 percent fake students will be lost. This will help in preventing UK colleges or UK educational institutes not to keep enrolling fake or bogus international students or face removal of its license for UK Tier 4 Student visa sponsorship.

• Unlawfull immigrants in the UK will not be allowed to open bank accounts in the UK, the UK government has clarified. So, the new rule will be effective from December this year. It will be mandatory for banks in the UK to make sure all immigrants trying to open bank accounts are legal migrants.

• Landlords in the UK will have to ensure the tenants are in the UK legally as the new ruling will be effective from November this year.

• Deportation of criminals will be allowed to the courts as they will not have to keep waiting for the immigration appeals to be heard. So, this new rule will result in deportation of foreign criminals to their native nations even before hearing of immigration appeals.

Meanwhile, an important point worth notable in this regard is that this new ruling will be for migrants hailing from nations deemed to be safe.

• Following misuse of the ‘the right to family life’, the new ruling will put the rights of UK citizens who abide by laws above the criminals’ rights.

• Unemployment benefit claims for EU migrants has been limited to three months now from the earlier period of six months. This is aimed to reducing the attraction of the UK for EU migrants wanting to languish on the jobless benefits in the UK.

So, they will have to wait for three months before heading towards claiming jobless benefits in the UK.

Moreover, they will only be eligible for once to get jobless benefits for a maximum period of three months.