New UAE Visa rules effective 1st August

So, now, UAE visa rules will be changed.

New UAE visa rules come into effect—As per an announcement by the UAE Ministry of Interior, a new UAE Visa system is effective from the beginning of this month. Although, no further details have been revealed about the changes, its being maintained that a new UAE visa fee structure will be announced on its official website in the next couple of days. All services and technical preparations have been completed to help make the new UAE visa and UAE visa fee system become effective easily.

The UAE has announced new UAE Visa rules and UAE visa fees coming into effective from 1st August, 2014.

Details of the New UAE visa rules—As per the information available, the website of the interior ministry will have the details with regard to the changed UAE visa regime including the changed UAE visa fee structure.

And the implementation of the new UAE visa process will have reactivation of UAE student visasa as well as UAE multiple entry visit permits. Along with this, entry permits for attending conferences and for medical care will also be issued.

Speaking about the step, Acting Assistant Undersecretary for the directorate at the ministry, Major-General Khalifa Hareb Al Khaili, said that the new process will be effective across the Residency, Naturalization and Ports Affairs Directorate centers in the coming few days.

Also, new circulars about the process will get issued to almost all the authorised typing centres. It will be helpful in giving details to all the aspirants seeking details about the whole process.

Aim for streamlined UAE visa system with fixed UAE visa fees—Through introduction of all the above stated changes, the UAE government aims to make the process of UAE visas more streamlined. And it also hopes to have fixed fees for UAE visas. Meanwhile, it needs to be worth notable that the fees for UAE visas is going to vary for different UAE visa categories.

The latest changes are in line with the social obligations and activities that offer support to economic, social and touristic activities, briefed Major-General Al Khaili. Through the announcement of new UAE visa norms, the nation wants to warn all potential misusers or violators not to try to misuse the integrity of the UAE visa system any more, Major General further affirmed.