New UAE Medical Visas for patients

And the doctors have welcomed the new move for medical services to foreigners.

UAE Medical Visas for foreigners—Foreigners wanting to get medical treatment in the UAE will be offered UAE Medical Visas as per the latest move announced by the UAE.

This will be possible due to latest UAE visa changes.

UAE will be providing UAE Medical Visas for foreigners wanting to get medical treatment here.

The new UAE Medical visas are part of the several new UAE visas becoming effective from 1st August this year. So, people from overseas wanting to get medical treatment in the UAE will now be issued UAE medical visas.

How to get UAE Medical Visa?—Patients from foreign nations will be required to make an application for the UAE medical visa through the hospital from which they wish to get medical treatment. In this case, the hospital will be the sponsor of the concerned overseas patient, revealed Director of Legal Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier Sultan Al Khadr.

Doctors welcome UAE Medical Visas—The new UAE Medical Visas have been welcomed by medical professionals in the UAE. This is going to give a new boost to the nation’s future in the field of medicine, the doctors maintained. UAE hospitals are not only newer but also quite more modern than the hospitals in the West.

And a relatively higher quality of medical service is ensured at UAE hospitals. So, its being hoped that the new UAE Medical Visas will prove to be a big boost for foreigners wanting to get high quality medical treatment.

This will have a great positive impact on the medical tourism of UAE. One can make an application for a UAE visa for a trip of different durations(like one month, three months etc.) or for multiple trips.

New UAE Visa fee structure from 1st August—From 1st August, 2014, UAE has announced new visa fee and new rules. This included new entry permits, new UAE visas like multiple entry visas for work or for visits, activating study visas and entry visas for medical care and for attendance of conferences in the UAE.

The UAE also announed a fine of Dh5,000 for those misusing the residency process or guilty of submitting fake reports to UAE Residency departments throughout the nation.