New tougher Dubai family visa rules

Its quite true. Expatriates living in Dubai wishing to offer sponsorship to their families are not being granted visas following recent changes to Dubai family visa norms.

New Dubai monthly wage norms for visas—Dubai has announced new family visa rules for expatriates seeking to sponsor their families. This means Dubai has increased its minimum basic wage ruling to Dh 10,000.

Dubai has announced new family visa requirements by raising its minimum basic wages rules to Dh 10,000.

Earlier, the nation had a minimum requirement of basic wages of Dh 4,000 for sponsorship to their family members by Emirates in Dubai.

New ruling only for first-timers of all nationalities—For expatriates living in Dubai, offering sponsorship to their families has become quite a costly affair. Now, they have to draw a minimum pay of Dh 10,000 And it has been maintained that the new ruling will not have any effect on those wanting to renew residence visas of their families who are already staying in Dubai.

As per the detailed information available, expatriates should either draw a minimum salary of Dh10,000 or should have a pay of Dh 9,000 with accommodation.

The decision was announced by Dubai last week. Which documents are needed for a family residence visa?—

• Recent passport photograph of the spouse

• Copy of the applicant’s valid residence visa

• Passport copies of husband and wife and children

Who are affected by new ruling—Well, all Dubai expatriates planning to bring their family members to emirate are to be covered by the new ruling. And those seeking renewal of residence visas of their family members already living in Dubai will remain unaffected.

The minimum pay limit has been raised by Dh 6,000 a week ago(prior to the new ruling, the minimum salary limit for Dubai family visas was Dh 4,000).

All nationalities are affected by this latest decision of Dubai government.

Meanwhile, it needs to be noted that Dubai immigration department may consider the number of years of employment of any expatriate before he or she is issued a UAE residence visa for family members. In addition, the grade of the concerned expatriate is also to be considered.

This means if any manager in Dubai is getting Dh 8,000(for example), then he or she may be allowed to offer sponsorship to his spouse on the basis of the number of years he or she has stayed in the UAE.

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