The New System To Speed Up Immigration Process

stated that the introduction of new system in the immigration processing would enable to speed up immigration process. His viewpoint received support from Chris Alexander immigration minister, who gave similar speech in Toronto.

This will make fast entry possible for the aspiring immigrants who are interested in coming to Canada and working there. On the other hand, this will also benefit Canada, as the entry of new immigrants will solve the issue of acute labor shortage in Canada especially in the field of construction.

Solution to the Acute Labor Shortage Problem

According to Minister Kenney, in next 10 years Canada is going to need thousands of skilled workers from the construction field, mostly in the Alberta oilsands. The only solution to this problem is to welcome foreign skilled immigrants like plumbers, carpenters, and electricians.

The employment minister has said that the oilsands region of Athabasca is already facing acute labor shortage in the field of construction. The country at present does not have required number of skilled and qualified skilled workers that can cover up the need for labor.

Both the ministers introduced the immigrants who were among the first lot of permanent Canadian residents who entered the country as skilled workers through the new federal skilled trades program.

Quick Delivery of Permanent Resident Visa

According to Minister Kenney, the earlier immigration system happened to be very slow and sometimes took more than 10 years for a person to get an immigration visa to Canada. On the contrary, the latest entrant to Canada who belongs to Ireland and is an electrician received his permanent resident visa within three months. This new system is indeed too fast and has enabled Canada get the right skilled labor in very short duration.

There are many similar skilled labors coming from different countries who have received their work visa in the period of less than four to six months. Many of these labors expressed their views and appreciated the change in the immigration system of Canada at the Calgary. Most of the labors belong to Lithuania, India, Germany, and Latvia.

Significant Improvement in the Immigration System

According to Minister Kenney, the new changes have made significant improvements in the immigration system of Canada and now support the welcoming of in-demand skilled workers openly. Canada requires more such skilled labor to arrive in Canada and make this country their home. That is why many more changes in the immigration system are expected that will enable Canada woo professionals and qualified people. 

Immigration Frauds

Sat, 03/15/2014 - 14:15

And this has been affirmed by Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants recently.

Crooked consultants affect system’s integrity—The integrity of Canada immigration system gets affected by the practices...

Money Matters

Tue, 03/18/2014 - 15:30

When immigration Minister Chris Alexander was introducing the changes in CEC he had said that the effort is to reduce the backlog and the processing time as well. He informed that CEC allowed 25,000 people to stay and contribute to the growth of country.

The changes introduced
• The time for which applicants were required to work before applying under this category was reduced from two years to one.
• Language proficiency requirements...

CIC Announcements

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 22:12

Very recently, Canada immigration announced a program which would help immigrants relocate to Canada and become permanent residents. This program I not capped though, the Government reserves the right of closing it at its own convenience.

The criteria to be followed by the applicants:
An applicant need not hold a job offer or even an...