New Set of regulations introduced for International Students

Beginning from June 1, 2014, the international students would be introduced to new set of rules for immigrating and studying in Canada.

The announcement was made in the mid of February by Citizenship and immigration Canada.

The new rules in place and a comparison with the existing system
• Earlier an international student could apply for study permit only by submitting his intention to study in Canada. Now, they will actually have to get enrolled in a program in Canada to obtain Study permit, otherwise their apparition would stand cancelled.
• A student will be given study permit only if he is enrolled with a recognized institution in Canada. The recognition of the educational institution should come from provinces and territories.
• Someone who receives a study permit valid for six months would be allowed to work off campus. This would be for a maximum of 20 hours every week during academic session. One can take up a full time job during vacation or break. The present set of rules dictate a student to obtain a separate work permit for working off the campus for a period of 20 hours a week.
• Those foreigner students enrolled and pursuing a course at a secondary school or in a designated institution can apply for Co-op Work permit if it makes an integral part of their course they are pursuing.
• Visitors would be allowed to apply for a study permit while they are still present in Canada, whereas, earlier one could not do so while present in the country on Visitor Visa.
• Study permit would stand invalid after 90 days of pelting their studies and thereafter the presence of the immigrant would be illegal unless he or she holds a valid work permit or some other kind of authorization to stay back in Canada legally. Earlier, a student was allowed to stay in the country till the time his study permit was valid even if the course would get completed.
• Registered Indians would be allowed to study in Canada even without holding a study permit. This is a provision which is missing in the current regulation.

The advantages of the new regulations

With the above mentioned changes international students would find it more convenient to work in Canada and at the same time the fraud cases would be curbed. However, earlier students could choose an academic institution of their choice but now they ill have to pick one from the list of designated institutions only.

International Students would find it easier to immigrate to Canada now when the new regulations and rules are in place. They would be free to choose a job and earn to support themselves. The new set of rules would help the international students to integrate with the labor market sooner than later because most of the Canadian Employers look for some Canadian experience while hiring these students.

The new rules are likely to bring more benefits for both the students and even the employers in the country.