New rules for UK Entrepreneur visas

In a latest development, the UK government has unveiled a series of new rules for different visa programs. Lets see the details here.

New UK Entrepreneur visa route rules—A bunch of changes have been announced to UK Entrepreneur Visa route. This is aimed to help stop the growing menace of misuse by several foreigners seeking UK Entrepreneur visas.

The UK government announced new strict rules for UK Entrepreneur visa route .

Tougher norms to stop misuse—The UK government will ensure curbing organised groups and individuals from using the UK Entrepreneur visa route through new tougher visa rules.

Several organised groups and individuals have started targetting the UK entrepreneur visa option following the UK Post-Study work visa closure way back in the year 2012.

The UK Post-study work visa program allowed foreign students to come to the UK and stay here even after completion of their study program.

Currently, it is being claimed that the Uk has an increasingly high number of foreigners of expiring UK student visas still staying here. The truth is that they are employed on low-skilled occupations in the UK although they pretend to be in the UK for setting up a new business.

Genuine foreigners welcome in the UK—The UK government wants to send a clear message to the world that the UK is open for business. Also, the UK needs and welcomes genuine foreigners who want to come to the UK and study here on UK student visas or those who really intend to start up new businesses in the UK after coming to the UK on UK entrepreneur visas.

Moreover, the UK immigration system is aimed to be fair to the UK citizens apart from welcoming legitimate immigrants. And there is not going to be any respite for those who simply want to misuse the UK immigration process, in any way whatsoever.

Foreign students shall be allowed to switch by making use of funds from only a source approved by government.

The UK government will also need additional proof of the business activities of UK post-study foreign workers in the UK.

The UK government has clarified that those not having any proof of a genuine business shall lose the facility of switching on to UK entrepreneur visa from the old UK Post-Study route if they are yet to begin their businesses.