New rules in progress for the Caregivers

To cope with the acute shortage of the foreign caregivers in the country, the government is now recommending new plan to support them. The new plan welcomes the foreign caregivers to come and work comfortably in the country.

Need for Caregiver Program:

This program serves to be very helpful for the Canadian families who can hire the skilled caregivers from the other countries to come and be with them and take care of their children or some old or disabled people; they usually take this step when no local person for this job is available.

New Policy:

The government is easing out the current norms for the overseas caregivers to make it simpler for them to come and work in Canada. Now once they have arranged for the job or signed a particular contract with the employer, they can easily come to the country. The government is also working to speed up their visas. As for the new foreign caregivers coming in, they can now get their open work permits quiet fast, like previously now they will be getting the required consent 18 months earlier.

What is Open Work Permits?

Open Work Permits are the consent issued by the government authorities that not only allows the foreign caregivers to come and work in the country but also permit to do some other job, and be in Canada even after completion of their contract with their original employers. This step will help the employers and even the caregivers after the completion of term, as now they will not have to lag with the employers just to attain permanent residency to stay further in the country.
As per this program, a caregiver who has completed 3900 work hours or have stayed for two years in the country before attaining the eligibility to get PR of the country. As per the previous policy it was not allowed they had to wait for their status and then can do another job.

Current Situation:

As per the records, the new plans have done wonders and increased the number of live-in caregivers at a tremendous rate. As much of 14,000 people have benefitted from the policy and have attained their open work visa recently.

Benefit of the policy:

This will not only benefit the residents of the country as it will be more easy to call them but also for the caregivers as they will treated more nicely here. Now a strict check will be taken for the employers to behave in good manner with their employees.

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