New rules mean longer wait for Canada citizenship

Yes, that’s due to latest changes to Canada citizenship norms announced by the Tory Government.

Longer wait for gaining Canada citizenship—Are you an immigrant looking to become a Canada citizen? Well, due to new rules for Canada citizenship, you may have to wait longer for becoming a Canada citizen.

Canada’s new rules will toughen language requirements and will lead to longer waiting for those wanting to become Canada citizens.

Canada citizenship is after all, the most precious commodity, stated the Conservatives in the recently tabled bill needing immigrants to stay in Canada for a period of four years for getting qualified for becoming Canadians. The federal government announced a series of changes to Canada’s Citizenship Act for toughening requirements for gaining Canada citizenship.

New Canada citizenship requirements—Lets take a look at the new requirements for Canada citizenship here. Canada permanent residents will be required to have a physical presence in Canada for a period of four years out of six years before making an application for Canada citizenship.

The earlier period of physical presence in Canada(as an eligibility for Canada citizenship) was three years out of four years.

In addition, all such applicants will be required to be present physically in Canada for a period of 183 days every year for a minimum of four years of the those six years period. And they will also have to file Canada income taxes to get eligibility for Canada citizenship. So, it will affirm the intent of such applicants to reside in Canada, the government plans seem to state.

Language requirements, knowledge test for Canada citizenship-Canada permanent residents wanting to become Canada citizens will be required to fulfill language requirements along with passing a knowledge test. It needs to be noted that the range of age has been expanded by Canada government from 18-54 years to 14-64 years.

Canada government expects those getting Canada citizenship to participate in democratic, economic and traditional aspects involved in Canada citizenship, stated Canada immigration minister Chris Alexander.

Faster Canada processing times for Canada citizenship applications—Meanwhile, Canada government has reiterated its stand to ensure faster processing of applications for Canada citizenship after increasing requirements for Canada citizenship eligibility.

And its quite likely that the increasing backlog of applications for Canada citizenship will be reduced. Currently, the backlog includes around 320,000 application files with more than 36 months of processing times. The processing time will be reduced to less than 12 months by 2015-16.