New law to curb Canada fraudulent marriages

This has been revealed by Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney.

New Canada law for combating immigration marriage fraud—As per a new law to be enforced by Canadian government, all sponsored spouses will face a waiting period of five years beginning from the time when they gain Canada residence status before becoming eligible to offer sponsorship to a new spouse.

The new ruling was announced by Kenney this Friday amidst concerns by several critics that the law will not be sufficient to curb marriage fraud in Canada.

Aim of the new regulatory change is to prevent foreigners from marrying Canadians just for the sake of immigration to Canada and leave them later while sponsoring a new spouse even when their Canadian spouse holds financial responsibility for them for a period of three years.

Giving details about the ruling, Kenney said the move comes following meetings with several Canada marriage fraud victims throughout Canada.

This ruling is part of several steps by Canada immigration department-CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) for cracking down on Canada marriage fraud. In addition, public consultations will start in a couple of weeks on introducing the measure of conditional permanent residency.

Victims of Canada fraudulent marriages were filled with pain and anger for being deceived by their partners, Kenney informed.

Moreover, the thought of having being used for immigrating to Canada was hurting them all the more, he maintained.

Hence, the tougher Canada immigration laws will make sure that immigration to Canada must not be based upon deceit, he affirmed. President of CAIF (Canadians Against Immigration Fraud), Sam S. Benet, has welcomed the step by Kenney to control marriage fraud in Canada.

He maintained that such rules will offer protection to the integrity of Canada immigration process.

Canada joins US and Australia by introducing 5-year waiting period--Such rules are already effective in the UK, the US and Australia. All these three nations have waiting time between two to three years before a sponsored spouse gains permanent residency.

The move comes nearly two years following pledge by Canadian government to curb Canada bogus marriages. Online consultations had been conducted by the government in the year 2010 to know public views with regard to controlling bogus marriages in Canada.